About Our Market

Woman at the cashier in a grocery store

Our story

At Luxtyn Market Place , we have deep roots in food craftsmanship Restaurants and Cooking . Our CEO Orion Stafa grew up in his family's Pizzeria  Restaurants  in Orlando Florida where he learned firsthand the complex logistics of running a Restaurant and a grocery store. After starting and selling an $3 Million Dollar Pizza & Restaurant company in his early younger years, Ori went back to his roots to help his Family to get their Restaurants & grocery store online. That's when he realized the challenge modern grocers mom and pop restaurants face: creating a consistent online experience to match in-store.

Luxtyn  was built with all the small details in mind. We want empower grocers  Mom and pop small restaurants with easy-to-use marketing, e-commerce, and service tools that result in seamless online ordering and delivery. We aren't just a tech company who stumbled into groceries - we're a grocery company that builds tech to help grocers sell more and stay in business. Instead of third-party shoppers, every order is handpicked directly from the store. Our merchants have some of the best locally sourced ingredients, and our mission is to help more people experience them. We believe food is more than just nourishment for your body. It's an opportunity to take quality, fresh ingredients and turn them into something bigger. To us, every meal is a moment. Our mission is to bring as much organic and fresh food as possible to the platform all of the groceries currently on our platform comes from Costco warehouse and delivered to your door.